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A truly Unique and naturally one of a kind wonder. Wood carvers plant trees on their property to make beautiful statues of which Bali is famous. About 30 years ago, a parasitic vine invaded these trees that are in the Chinaberry family. This vine spread by birds eating their berries; was about to wipe out these trees and a traditional family's livelihood.

A master carver asked his boys to climb up the trees to cut off branches with the vine wrapped around it. This vine actually bores into the wood and feeds off the Chinaberry branch. The boys chopped out the vine, cleaned the bark and the father, an uncle carved out a piece of art incorporating the shape of the of the branch with their imagination.

Balinese are basically Animistic Hindu, believing that all  things have a spirit, and these pieces are what they envision as the spirits within. 

A truly Unique and naturally one of a kind wonder. 

What does this mean? For your CUSTOMERS; an 'organically' natural piece of nature; shaped by very high level Artisan carvers, inspired by intrinsic spirits ..... a truly great, unique gift. Each piece is a wonder and each has it's own personality!

What does this mean for ordering? This is a 'specialty' item that we only sell to specific clients .... reason, every piece is different/unique.

We 'choose' based upon 20+ years of pricing expertise. Meaning, it is a 'Trust' thing! We sell these characters starting at $5.00 and go to about $20.00 (there are special items also). We usually have $2.50 increments ($7.50; $10, $12.50; etc.) and the list of 'characters' varies : Frogs, Eagles, Horses, Mushrooms

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