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Dream Catchers

     One of the many links to various cultures is an understanding that all living 'things' have a spirit. People in many lands share beliefs of interactions of these spirits in different manifestations. There are many intersections of the waking world, the dream world and the domain of the Spirits. Many American Native tribes have similar belief systems to the Balinese and the Aboriginals of Australia. 

   While Natives of the Americas have a belief that dreams that are scary or negative can be 'captured' in a web and transfered to a central stone or bead; the Balinese share similar views. If more people were  cognizant of the world of nature and spirits, aspects beyond oneself; possibly we would have a more conscious existence. These are made in Bali by spiritual kin.

A dream catcher hanging over one's bed can be very helpful to capture bad dreams.

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